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Dirty Roulette Tips and Tricks – Getting Serious About Breaking the Bank with Roulette

Anyone who has ever watched the movie, Ocean’s Eleven; both the old Frank Sinatra version and the newer series starring George Clooney, can understand the desire to “break the bank” or “beat the boys in Vegas”.

Many former professional con men and gambling cheats, claim that it was the thrill of playing David to the casino’s Goliaths, as well as the money, that made cheating at roulette so much fun. The desire to stick it to the “Man” and getting away free with thousands or maybe millions of dollars lurks in the heart of many honest roulette players. This article will explore the murky world of dirty roulette tips and tricks.

Online roulette has spread this exciting game even further. Along with the software the online casino provides, you can also download and use “roulette companion” applications like Routrack.

Dirty Roulette Tip and Trick #1 – Finding a Biased Roulette Wheel

One of the oldest tricks is not illegal, but is not welcome in any casino. A biased wheel is any roulette table that due to some hidden manufacturing error, or from long time usage, begins to have a set pattern of winning slots or pockets. Casinos work very hard to find “bad” wheels as soon as possible and remove them from the gaming floor.

But if a dealer or pit boss is tired, lazy or careless, you maybe able to spot a biased table while it is still active. If you think you have found a hot one, then stand back and observe the light board for winning numbers. Try out a few hands to test your theory before betting big.

Dirty Roulette Tip and Trick #2 – Past Posting Chips

Pinching and past posting is illegal and is used by some of the most elite casino cheat teams in the world. These two skills are staged sleight of hands that would make a magician proud.

The granddaddy of roulette sleight of hand moves is the Past Post. In this con, just before the ball lands, the dealer or croupier will automatically lean over the wheel to check which way the ball lands. During this split second of distraction, the con artist will switch his/her bet to the winning number or color.

Another version of this is to hide a high dollar chip under a smaller one. If you lose, remove the high chip to prevent loss and if you win, you call the croupier’s attention to the “mistake”.

Dirty Roulette Tip and Trick #3 – Pinching Chips

The Pinch is where you stack a high value chip ($100) underneath a smaller value chip ($10) when placing a bet. If you win you leave the chips alone, but if you lose you stealthily remove the high value $100 chip, to limit your loss.

Dirty Roulette Tip and Trick #4 – The Croupier’s Signature

Croupiers are trained to spin the roulette ball in a random speed or order over the roulette wheel. But they are human. And like everyone else they become bored, tired and careless. This is when they can slip from their training and make easy to spot mistakes, which can give you an advantage.

Plus over time, croupiers after performing thousands of spins develop “muscle memory”. When this happens veteran roulette players claim that if you take the time to watch them long enough, you can determine telltale motions that you can use to cheat that particular table.

Naturally using dirty roulette tips and tricks can lead you to big trouble in a real live casino, but learning how to master them to impress and amaze your friends in your weekly roulette tourney can be good for a laugh.

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